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To help you  create your own printed inserts, we can supply blank white perforated paper label inserts for any of our 210mm x 50mm holders AND 210mm x 40mm on A4 perforated sheets, You simply feed the blank sheets into any laser or inkjet printer, and using your own desktop publishing software or similar, you can create and print your own name inserts with or without corporate logo's or special graphics.

Don't be afraid or reluctant to print your own name labels, today the technological advancement in general office printer equipment means that the quality of print can be really good to excellent.
The amount of software available including desktop publishing can help you creative amazing graphics.

A4 perforated label Insert sheets 210mm x 50mm, 6 to a sheet are available in packs of 20 sheets (120 inserts in total) @ £9.40 per pack plus vat.

A4 white blank perforated label inserts sheets for our 210mm x 40mm re-usable holders, 8 to a sheet, in packs of 15 sheets (120 insert labels in total)
@  £7.05 each per pack plus vat.

When ordering just the blank inserts, we have a minimum order value of  £15.00 plus carriage and vat.

We can also supply you with a basic template via email, FREE OF CHARGE to set out your own simple details such as a persons name and job title. Currently These are for our 210mm x 40mm and 210mm x 50mm holders.

Nearly all of our products can be used on a variety of desk name plate situations, so no particular style is dedicated to one function. This flexible approach gives you better choices no matter what your budget may be.

Each product in a 'range' matches each other within the range in terms of material and style therefore ensuring that all your office desk name plates match and are co-ordinated.

Tel:  01328 701621 to place an order.